“The Vote Now Show: plugs Brian May and Common Decency


The Vote Now Show plugs Brian May and Common Decency

Brian May and his Common Decency campaign gets a mention radio, urging listeners to “vote for whoever Brian May tells you to”.

On tonight’s episode (1 May 2015) of the satirical BBC Radio 4 programme “The Vote Now Show” (Series 2 Ep4 of 6), hosted by Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, Brian was given a terrific segment. After saying how depressing things can be: “All is not lost. Cometh the hour, cometh the man, and that man, nay God, is Brian May – campaigning for Common Decency across the country.”

Other quotes: “… your MP is a person, not just a coloured blob on a swingometer, so get to know them.”

“Go home and look at Queen Live at Wembley in 86 to remind yourself what leadership looks like.”

With thanks to Dana Kubick