Brian May tells of his feelings following Election result


Attending the 60th Olivier Awards – Brian May said admitted he was “very angry and upset” over UK election result…

DIGITAL SPY reported Brian’s comments
21 May 2015

Brian May by David Bennett - GETTY
Brian May at the Ivor Novello Awards 2015 © Getty Images / David M. Benett

“I was very close to suicide,” May said of the election result at today’s Ivor Novello Awards in London. “I’ve just about got over it actually. I was very angry and upset because we were hoping for something different. I was hoping this election would be the last one in which the two-party system was seen to be representative of what we want. I think the public does actually want something very different. But unfortunately there was a massive propaganda machine which swamped everyone with fear of Scotsmen with kilts running this country, and that’s what won the election. I think even the people that voted in that direction are even thinking, ‘Oh my God, what happened? What did I do?’ We’re back in a dictatorship situation for the next five years. We don’t have a parliament which can actually discuss things and make decisions.”

On concerns of government selling off state-owned assets such as the NHS:

“We’re no distance away from selling off the NHS because they’ve started already. All of this, ‘We’re going to put loads of money into the NHS’ is a complete smokescreen. Yes, there are already parts of the National Health Service that are privatised, and are making money for private individuals. I think that’s a scandal beyond belief. Somehow the wool was pulled over our eyes. The biggest problem we have at the moment is truth. There’s is nowhere to go to find the truth – it’s very hard. We’re swamped with all this propaganda, and most of it is untrue – in the press. I think finding the truth is something we should very seriously engage in.”