Best Heavy Metal releases slated for Summer


8 June 2015

EXTRACT: The year 2015 has already been a pretty solid year for heavy metal. More festivals in the U.S. have popped up, like the Loudwire Festival and the first-ever U.S. Rock in Rio, and the month of May had six consecutive weekends of record-setting attendance for festivals like Carolina Rebellion and Rocklahoma. People are embracing heavy metal now more than ever, and it also seems like hardcore fans are branching out, keeping an open ear and mind about different metal genres.

This list of heavy metal and hard rock summer releases are by no means the only albums we’re psyched about, but rather the ones were most excited about. However, since the summer heat in AZ extends far past Labor Day, I’m including a few special releases that straddle the summer/fall line. Enjoy.

Motorhead, Bad Magic, August 28

Pre-Order Link It’s no surprise that even after 40 years of melting faces with their speed metal, Motorhead are still releasing albums. Their 22nd—yes, 22nd—studio album will be released at summer’s end, and it’s rumored to consist of some of the band’s most intense rhythms and riffs yet. They are as heavy as ever, and this album calls back to their early days, when an attitude of punk, devilish biker style, and tribal drums reigned supreme. There’s even a guest appearance by Queen’s Brian May.