Lemmy Klimster on Brian May (new Italian interview)



The Italian Journalist (and Brian May friend) Luca Garrò has had an interview in Italian with Lemmy Kilmister, dated 9/25.

See here: http://www.corrieredellamusica.it


The press will not give you satisfaction, but people like Brian May, John Lydon and Dave Grohl define you the greatest rock n roll band in the world …

“I’m very pleased to hear compliments of this kind, even if in fact you made me three names of friends, so it’s easier that way. […] Anyway, to get back to us, the three names you did represent three generations of musicians, so it means that we got where we wanted to get to the beginning of everything.”

Returning to Brian May, the Queen guitarist appears for the first time in your studio album. How he was facing with his style?

“Brian is a great friend of us, and one of the musicians that I loved the most in my life. He is a wonderful person, a great human being and I think he is one of the most underrated musicians of all time, although it may seem paradoxical since the global success that he got with Queen. As you may know, he had already played with us on ‘Overkill’ at the concert for the 25TH anniversary at Hammersmith, so it was already officially in our history, but it was years that we wanted to do something together in studio. So we thought that our 40 years would be the perfect opportunity to realize this common dream: So here is how did the solo of ‘The Devil’. It will be useful to shout up all those idiots who continue to see him as a pop guitarist!”

The disc was recorded completely live? “

Almost completely, if you consider some inevitable retouching, for example the Brian May solo we have mentioned previously […]”.