Lemmy, how did Brian May end up doing a guest solo on new Motorhead album?

Lemmy Klimster
Lemmy Klimster

Diabetes, Heart Issues, and a Collapsing Record Industry Can’t Stop Motörhead’s Lemmy Klimister
17 September 2015 by Jon Wiederhorn

EXTRACT of interview with Lemmy:

How did Queen’s Brian May end up doing a guest solo on “The Devil”?

LEMMY: That was [guitarist] Phil [Campbell’s] thing. He lives near Brian in Wales. He had Brian come in and do a solo at his home studio. So I never saw Brian. I know him, but I never saw him on this record. He did it in Wales and sent it over.

Did you know he’d nail it from the start, or did you have any reservations about Brian May playing on a Motörhead record?

Motorhead "Bad Magic"LEMMY: No, I knew he’d nail it. Brian’s a nailer, all right. I thought he got a bit samey at the end of Queen. He’s said that himself. But it was great to have him on the album.

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Released 28 August 2015