YouTube Upload – Brian May ‘Fresh Air’ interview with Terry Gross



BRIAN MAY: All through those days in Queen, when we were on tour, normally I would get up in the morning and think, “Hmm, I’m in Philadelphia for one of the few times in my life.” You know, “What will I do?” Very often I would go up a tall building and get a lovely view of the city and go and take photographs.

… I mean, later on it changed. I remember starting to write “The Show Must Go On”, and Freddie came and sat down beside me. And I said, “Look, I want you to participate. I want us to do this together”, and we absolutely discussed every single word and what it meant and what we were trying to do. …

Brian May Fresh Air with Terry Gross 28 July 2010 b/c 3 Aug 2010 – TRANSCRIPT at:

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