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Press Conference today midday in Rome – Brian and Kerry introduce their 2016 ‘One Voice’ Tour.

2 September 2015




ome, (askanews) – Brian May, the legendary Queen guitarist, he rails against the Cameron government. This is not news to its position of ‘opposition’ to the British prime minister. But the tones used this time to comment on the issue of migration in Europe are not at all shy.

“I think we’re bastards, in Britain, because we reject these people who are not immigrants but refugees, instead of welcoming and helping men, women and children. I can not believe how ruthless our government. I am ashamed of the way we treat these people. If we were in their place, and we had to flee our homes after the war, we would expect to be treated this way? It ‘really disgusting.”

The artist has met in Rome with the Italian press to present a new musical project with Kerry Ellis, entitled “One Voice – The Tour”, which has scheduled six shows in February.

In the proposed referendum by the Conservative government on the permanence or otherwise of the UK in the European Union, Brian May said:

“I think that in itself is right to make a referendum, although I think there is definitely a showcase effect, an element of manipulation. I’m not a big fan of our government. The fact is that referendums are fine, but if you do not inform the people, does not make sense. Unfortunately in England we are victims of a lot of propaganda, even the media.”

Brian and Kerry at Press Conference
Rome Press Conference
Landed back in UK
Landed back in UK – Photo: Kerry Ellis


2 September 2015 by Gabriele Antonucci

The duo presented in Rome on tour “One Voice”, which in February will make six stops in Italy.

The two artists have recorded recently the new single “One Voice”

After the success of their performance in June at the Arena di Verona, the duo formed by the legendary Queen guitarist, Brian May, and the British and American musical theatrE star, Kerry Ellis, will return in February in Italy for six unmissable concerts in our country . The two artists, who have already shown their harmony in the album Anthems, the debut album of the singer, and live Acoustic by Candlelight, will offer a mix of their hits and covers of rock classics in the Italian stages of their One Voice – The Tour ! The duo will perform Feb. 21 at the Theatre Le Muse in Ancona, 22, at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padua, 24 Obihall Florence, 25 at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, 27, at the Gran Teatro Palace c/o Palabam Mantua and 28 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome. May and Ellis have recently recorded the song ‘One Voice’, anticipating their third album, forthcoming. We met the two artists in a downtown hotel in Rome, where they presented the new tour.

The new album

KE: “We are working on a new album. Anthems was more rock and orchestral, Acoustic By Candlelight was more intimate, the new album will be a greater union of our styles, a natural progression ”

BM: “It’s a very interesting project, very different to Queen – freer, more fluid and more experimental. The combination of a great voice of Kerry, the electric guitar and the orchestra is special, set it free. Jeff, then, is our mobile orchestra. We are planning to work in the near future with an Italian orchestra.”

The relationship with Italy

KE: “We love Italy, we always had a great relationship with your audience, which has always given us so much love. We lived beautiful experiences in Milan and Verona, we cannot wait to play again in February.”

BM: “It is not we who have chosen Italy, but Italy chose us. The exhibition in Verona was magnificent, it was a great opportunity in which we realised we could do something different. Natural for us to continue this project in Italy.”

The sequel to “We Will Rock You”

BM: “It really like musicals(?), has a beautiful script, but has a very complex production, for this we would like to redo the original We Will Rock You in London, but I do not know when, we are still looking for a theatre. For us it was not an option to continue on this path and in the meantime, Kerry has become a big star of the musical and has done so many things. We’ve both been very busy, but then came the moment when we wanted to develop this project together, which now devote all times.”

New Tracks

KE: “We like to try new things, the album is quite orchestral so will not be easy to exactly reproduce those sounds, but surely, in the six Italian concerts, we will play some new songs.”

The song “One Voice”

“One voice is an idea born on a film about the cruelty to dogs, so we thought it would be cool to do a song together and then a new video. Also One Voice has been a source of inspiration for the new album together.

The 40 years of “A Night at the Opera”

BM: “At my age there are so many anniversaries, this 40 years of A Night at the Opera is very important. The organization of the Queen is working on a number of events and the new mix of a concert in 1975, the Christmas show Hammersmith in London. To be honest, I prefer to be involved in this, rather than on the anniversaries.”

The struggles for animals

BM: “We are both passionate about animals, it was nice to be able to share what we do with our passion, we are also involved in the campaign Born Free. Something interesting happened with the sad story of the lion, Cecil, was horrible tragedy, but at least the world became aware of the problem, people are ashamed for what happened. It gave us the opportunity to make it clear that these things always happen. For us it is a great opportunity, we have created a different version of Free world than the one you see in the film, we hope to use the new version with the orchestra, with a new video that talks about what happened with Cecil. We are working with some British MPs to pass a law in England called Cecil Law, which will avoid importing any hunting trophy. It would be nice if this law were then welcomed by all countries.”

New Horizons / Pluto

BM: “I am very fortunate to how things went with the music, but I was always close to astronomy as an amateur, I see these projects with great interest. I love watching pictures of Pluto and stereoscopic images. Once you occupied Astrophysics only geeks, but now is different, astrophysicists are almost all guitarists. They are interested in me as a rock guitarist, exactly as I am with their work, we had so much fun together. Pluto was a dream when I was a child, it’s beautiful to participate in this project.”

Asteroid Brian May

BM: “It ‘was a kind gesture, to devote an asteroid, but it’s not something I’ve worked for, it’s hard to comment on it, I should take part in a NASA mission to see it in person. If I had to play in space I would choose ‘Is this the world we created?’ to make people more aware of the problem of environmental pollution.”


KE: “Now that I’m pregnant I sleep little, but fortunately I can spend more time with my children who do not have other colleagues. It an experience of extraordinary life, that I would not be able to carry on in the same way if I had another job.”

The relationship with the Red Special

BM: “Travel a few times without her, even in February I’ll take with me, the guitar is my voice and I love it. When we play live, there is a great interaction between the two voices. My voice is not that great, so when I play and Kerry sings, then things work.”

Freddie Mercury

BM: “Freddie is always with us with his spirit, perhaps seem too sentimental but his influence has been and is still so strong in being able to create the world we’ve created. He was a great friend, an incredible musician, he is always with us, both on the day of his birthay (September 5, 1946 ed) than on other days. We still have a few dates with Adam Lambert, I like to sing with him, but not a replacement for Freddie or seeking another singer, now that he is launched into his solo career. ”


Brian May, tour in Italy with Kerry Ellis: ‘Adam Lambert and Queen? I do not know how long ‘ BRIAN MAY

Ancona ( AN )
Teatro delle Muse
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“We love Italy, we have a big audience in this country and that’s why we want to take advantage of it: there is no better place to do these concerts”: it is with these words that Brian May and Kerry Ellis welcomed the release, on the roof of a known Roman hotel on a hot September day, to present concerts of the tour “One voice” scheduled for next February in the Peninsula.

The Queen guitarist and British interpreter then return to perform in Italy a few months away the exhibition at the Arena di Verona last June; they will play six events representing – at least at the time – the only tour dates in the old continent (here all the details):

“After the performance at the Arena di Verona we received a great charge: at that time we realized that you could do something different. This tour is the natural continuation of the exhibition in Verona,” said Kerry Ellis (known more for having taken part in productions such as “Cats,”Oliver”, “Les Misérables” and “We Will Rock You” – it was on the occasion of the auditions[?] of the musical of the Queen that the two met, in 2002) before leaving the floor to her esteemed colleague (and friend): “What prompted me to undertake this new Adventure? Surely the voice Kerry inspired me. This project is special, more fluid and free than the Queen, “added May.

As artistic couple, the two have built a large following through various concerts and records recorded together, as the debut album of Kerry, “Anthems” (published in 2010 and produced its own by Brian May) and the live album “Acoustic by candlelight. ” Recently, the duo recorded the song “One Voice” written by Ruth Moody of The Wailin ‘Jennys:

“This track is intended as art for the pleasure of making art, something I’m already very proud with the great voice of Kerry and with a social message clear: Having a voice can make a difference,” the guitarist said of the piece. The song will be presented during the new tour along with other new and the most significant songs of the respective repertoires and those of other great artists of the past: “We have already prepared new unreleased songs that are part of a drive to be published and which will present live at concerts Italian”, revealed the two musicians, “also we will play some songs from the album live ‘Acoustic by candlelight’ of 2013. There will be raids in the repertoire of the Queen, but the lineup is still being drafted. On stage, for this occasion we will be alone, voice and guitar, but we are already thinking about the future and we would not mind the idea of ??a tour with an Italian orchestra: the tracks on the new album are all breath very orchestral “.

Inevitable talk of Queen, the tour that recently saw members Brian May and host on stage – as a singer – Adam Lambert and future projects related to the band: “Adam was very good, he tried not to imitate Freddie and put his: he succeeded big time. I do not know what will go with him, because Adam has his career. I can not claim to be happy with what we managed to do, but to be honest not account for always playing with the Queen.”

Speaking of the legendary British rock formation, Brian May has revealed that on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the individual from the “Bohemian Rhapsody” (which will occur the next October 31) will be organized different events: “When you get to my age there are so many anniversaries to celebrate. That of forty years of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is particularly important and this, together with the team of the Queen and other members of the band, we decided to organize a series of events. We will release a new concert of videomix 1975 Hammersmith London.”

Also in the works a revival of the original musical “We Will Rock You” (which, last year, there was talk also of a sequel ): “The sequel has a great script, but it’s an impressive show… hard to put on a production level,” said Brian May, “is a project remained ‘frozen’. My goal is to reproduce the original, in London: nothing concrete for now, though.”

Remembering his friend Freddie Mercury, who on September 5 he turned 69 years old, May said: “In all the years that we worked together we have created a world that still exists and continues to exist beyond everything. Freddie was my great friend, a wonderful person. And in his own way continues to be close to me. “

(Matthias Marzi)

2 September 2015

In February, One Voice – The tour, 6 show in Italy with Kerry Ellis

Brian May
epa04665331 British guitarist Brian May of rock band The Queen performs on stage during the premiere of the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’ in the ‘Mehr!’ Theater in Hamburg, Germany, 16 March 2015. EPA/DANIEL REINHARDT – . © ANSA PHOTOS

(ANSA) – Rome, Sept. 2 – After its appearance at the Arena di Verona in June, Brian May and Kerry Ellis prepare to return to Italy with One Voice – The tour, 6 dates in February (21 Ancona, 22 Padova, 24 Florence, Milan 25, 27 Mantova, 28, Rome).

For now, the only in Europe. “We love Italy – say the two. There was no better place for our project.”

That has nothing to do with the Queen, of which May is the legendary guitarist. “I love playing with them, but not always and not forever. Freddie? He’s always with us.”