Press Release: Premiere ‘Racing Extinction’


Brian May last evening, attended the screening of “Racing Extinction” and took part in a panel discussion, at London Zoo. (25 November, 6:30pm).

Racing Extintion invite

The film will be shown on TV on 2 and 5 December:

There will be a Global Premiere on Wednesday 2 December at 9PM.


Wed 2 Dec 9pm Discovery, AnimalPlntHD, Disc.Turbo, Disc.Science, Disc.History
Wed 2am 10pm Discovery+1, Animalplnt+1, Disc.Science+1, Disc.History+1
Thu 3 Dec 2am Animal Planet Repeat
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Thu 3 Dec 2pm Discovery+1 Repeat
Fri 4 Dec 3am Discovery Repeat
Fri 4 Dec 4am Discovery+1 Repeat
Sat 5 Dec 11pm Discovery Repeat


Wed, Dec 02 9:00 PM DSC (120)
Wed, Dec 02 9:00 PM APL (252)
Wed, Dec 02 9:00 PM SCIENCE (258)
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Wed, Dec 02 10:36 PM APL (252)
Wed, Dec 02 10:36 PM SCIENCE (258)
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On 25 November, Discovery Channel is holding an exclusive UK screening event at London Zoo for Racing Extinction, a ground-breaking documentary film made by Academy Award winning director Louie Psihoyos that highlights the serve threat to animals and the environment through illegal animal trafficking, poaching and C02 emissions – and the very real risk that we are moving towards the six mass extinction of the planet.

You can watch the trailer here:

The film will be broadcast in a TV worldwide event on Discovery Channel on 2 December in over 220 countries and territories. You might have seen images from the film were projected on the Empire State building a few weeks ago;


Discovery to Broadcast in More Than 220 Countries and Territories in 24-Hour Period #StartWith1Thing

Discovery Communications announced today they will broadcast Academy Award®-winning director Louie Psihoyos’s documentary RACING EXTINCTION on Wednesday, December 2 at 9PM ET/PT to a global audience. Discovery, the #1 distributed TV brand in the world, will premiere RACING EXTINCTION in 220 international markets across the world within a span of 24 hours, beginning in New Zealand and concluding in the US.

“RACING EXTINCTION is the perfect Discovery Channel television event as it combines Discovery’s iconic blue chip nature programming and something very important to us, the opportunity to make a significant global impact,” said Rich Ross, President of Discovery Channel.

In the groundbreaking documentary RACING EXTINCTION, director Louie Psihoyos and the group behind the Academy Award®-winning film The Cove assemble a team of artists and activists on a new undercover operation to expose the world of endangered species trafficking and the race to prevent mass extinction. Spanning the globe to infiltrate the world’s most dangerous black markets and using high tech tactics to document the link between carbon emissions and species extinction, the documentary reveals stunning, never-before seen images that truly change the way we see the world.

“With the help of Discovery I believe we can create a tipping point to create the change we need to preserve a planet that can sustain life for all species,” said Louie Psihoyos, Director. “There has never been a more important time in the world than to be alive now — the decisions we make in the next few years will impact the Earth and animal species for millions of years.”

RACING EXTINCTION will be the catalyst for a larger, ongoing campaign utilizing the hashtag #StartWith1Thing to serve as Discovery’s call to action to create a global movement behind the RACING EXTINCTION television event. Discovery will leverage its global premiere and additional platforms, including custom branded content, Discovery digital, social media and virtual reality and Discovery Education, along with our partners, to ignite curiosity and global actions people can take in four areas: fighting wildlife trafficking, reducing carbon emissions through use of green energy/transport, supporting green causes, and eating less meat.

“Louie Psihoyos’s RACING EXTINCTION is required viewing for all citizens of the world,” said John Hoffman, Executive Vice President, Documentaries and Specials for Discovery Channel. “Everyone needs to see this film because it vividly demonstrates the serious threats our beautiful blue planet faces. Even more important, RACING EXTINCTION shows how if we all start by doing just one thing to improve the environment, all of us together can leave nature healthier than we found it.”

“This is a historic television event that will bring RACING EXTINCTION to over 220 countries and territories across the world and not only entertain audiences but move the needle on raising awareness on how we can make the planet sustainable for all,” said Fisher Stevens, Producer.

Founded by philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen and Jody Allen, Vulcan Productions produces compelling feature films, television programs and digital content that inspire people to take action on the critical issues of our time. The company architects campaigns designed to generate measurable impact in the world across areas of science, technology, climate, energy, public health, brain science and more.

In partnership with Discovery and OPS this fall, Paul G. Allen, a co-Executive Producer of the film, and his Vulcan Productions, will launch an action campaign around RACING EXTINCTION to empower audiences to join the fight to save these animals while there is still time. The mission of the campaign is long-term reduction of both carbon emissions and consumer demand for endangered species. Vulcan Productions will use dynamic content to bring the connection between carbon emissions, ocean acidification and mass extinction into sharp focus, and provide tools to drive policy and corporate change around greenhouse gases and the trade of endangered wildlife products in U.S. The film’s website,, will also feature an interactive “challenge” tool to help families, groups and individuals to reduce their own carbon footprints.


Discovery Communications (Nasdaq: DISCA, DISCB, DISCK) is the world’s #1 pay-TV programmer reaching nearly 3 billion cumulative subscribers in more than 220 countries and territories. For 30 years Discovery has been dedicated to satisfying curiosity and entertaining viewers with high-quality content through its global television brands, led by Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Science and Turbo/Velocity, as well as U.S. joint venture network OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. Discovery controls Eurosport, the leading pan-regional sports entertainment destination across Europe and Asia-Pacific. Discovery also is a leading provider of educational products and services to schools, including an award-winning series of K-12 digital textbooks, through Discovery Education, and a digital leader with a diversified online portfolio, including Discovery Digital Networks. For more information, please visit


Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) is a non-profit organization that creates film, photography and media that inspires people to save the oceans. Founded in 2005 by renowned photographer and avid diver Louie Psihoyos, OPS is headquartered in Boulder, CO, conveniently between two oceans. OPS’s first film, The Cove, has won dozens of awards around the world, including the Oscar® for Best Documentary in 2009, and inspired over a million people to action. For more information, please visit


The Okeanos – Foundation for the Sea is focusing its attention on individuals and communities that are taking action and making positive steps to heal the oceans and to reconnect humankind with the sea. Okeanos encourages discussions and actions through documentary films that they either produce or finance. However, their main focus lies on the development and funding of practical projects worldwide, with a focus on the Pacific, where they also supported the projects of Pacific Voyagers Charitable Trust. For more information, please visit


Insurgent Media was founded in April, 2010 by Fisher Stevens (TheCove, In the Bedroom), Andrew Karsch (Conviction, Moneyball), and Erik Gordon. Over the years, the company produced documentaries including the Netflix Original Mission Blue, about acclaimed oceanographer Dr. Sylvia Earle, John Leguizamo’s Broadway show Ghetto Klown for HBO, SXSW Grand Jury prize film Beware of Mr. Baker, about legendary drummer Ginger Baker, and PBS American Masters,Woody Allen: A Documentary. The company currently has a full slate of character and issue driven documentaries.