Brian May at BBC Music Awards 2015


Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton hosted the second annual BBC Music Awards from the Genting Arena Birmingham, this afternoon, celebrating an amazing 12 months of popular music across the BBC.

Brian May, Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton
Brian May, Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton – photo Daily Mirror

Brian May announces Adele Live Performance of Year BBC Music Awards 101215

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Prior to announcing Adele as winner of “Live Performance of the Year” award, speaking to Chris Evans and Fearne Cotton about Bohemian Rhapsody, and that Queen had been been advised not to release Bohemian Rhapsody.

END OF TAPE about Bohemian Rhapsody:

LIONEL RICHIE: That song is not only legendary, it’s one of those songs that is one of the pillars of that era . . .

FERN COTTON: What an incredible song.

CHRIS EVANS: Wait a minute, Fern. I see a little silhouetto of a man – [audience sings “Scaramouche, Scaramouche”] Oh, no no no, there is a silhouetto a man over there with big hair – it’s Brian May. [cheering]

FEARNE: Brian, so lovely to have you here. What an incredible song. Did you know at the time that you had something insanely special?

BRIAN: I think we knew we had something pretty amazing. In fact, it wasn’t that much of a surprise ‘cos we were kind of into complexity for a while from the first album, so it was another one of those, and it was long. Obviously here was a resistance from the media, but off it went. Incredible. There was no stopping it.

CHRIS: And have we figured out what it’s about yet? Does that matter?

BRIAN: I think is really good that we can’t figure out what it’s about.

CHRIS: Yes, don’t figure it out, ever!! [cheering]

BRIAN: It’s something out of Freddie’s mind – his insane fevered brow picked it up and then if you watch the Freddie film, which will eventually will come out in the next millennium, you’ll probably find out.

CHRIS: Perfect. Now last New Year’s Eve you played a very special gig with Adam Lambert. Tell us about that.

BRIAN: Absolutely for the BBC, of course, and we will be performing again pretty soon with Adam.

CHRIS: Pretty good – good news. You heard it first here at the BBC Music Awards.

BRIAN: It may even be at the Isle of Wight Festival in the Summer.

CHRIS: It probably will, in that case.

FEARNE: How wonderful. You know a thing or two about performing live and we’re honoured that you’re gonna stick around to reveal for us BBC Live Performance of the Year Award, so let’s take a look at the nominated performances

<Adele At The BBC performance clip>

FERN: Brian, please do the honours…

BRIAN: Are we ready for this? The BBC Music Award for Live Performance of the Year goes to Adele.

Adele was unable to be present, but acknowledged receiving the award on film. “That’s amazing. I’ve only just put out new music. I’m so chuffed.””