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Memories: Paddington Bear / Brian May on roof [BBC News] 11/09/2022


BBC COMMENTATORS: … And it was that you’re talking about Paddington and the CGI and that just the remarkable twinkle in the eye when she delivers the killer line about the sandwich in the handbag. I mean all three of us, look, we’re sitting here smiling and it’s because, it’s to think that she was doing that to whoever, you know, someone – assistant on the film crew – who had to sit there and say: “Just imagine I’m Paddington”. That’s just remarkable. I think that’s, these links with popular culture.

I mean in 2002 for that Jubilee, Brian May, the guitarist [of] Queen, played ‘God Save the Queen’ on the roof. Yes, and people thought: “What’s coming up for the next Jubilee?”. which happened to be with the Olympics – and they came up  – she came up – with the James Bond skit that you’ve mentioned. And then I know this year people were saying, “How can you out do guitar on the roof and James [Bond] helicopter?” She does it with Paddington Bear.