Brian and Kerry interview – Poland


Kerry and Brian

Polish interview Here:

Catherine Gaw?ska, journalist Onet Obserwuj182


Brian May – music icon, the legendary rocker, one of the best guitarists in the world. Kerry Ellis – singer, who thanks to his voice enchanted the music of Queen. Together March 2 occur in the Congress Centre in Krakow. In an interview with Onet betrayed, as prepared for Polish audiences, Kerry explained what she learned from Maya, and he corrected it does not behave like a star. In addition, advice on how to think about music, compares the big show Queen for a fun and explains the impact on the future of music will be the death of David Bowie. Check out what else betrayed us artists!

Although it might seem that Brian May and Kerry Ellis come from two completely different worlds together to form a perfect duo. Not only they complement each other in their work, but also give the impression as if friends for life.

I had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with them. Just before the conversation got information that Brian May could not stay in a room with Kerry, so I have to connect with them by phone in quite a complicated way. Musician Queen hoarse voice… … MORE