Cozy Powell and Keith Emerson


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Cozy Powell on motorbike

In 1986, after participating in the Phenomena project and helping out with the formation of ^, Cozy shocked the world by joining ^

Cozy Powell: “People said, ‘You only got in because your name starts with a ‘P’,” he laughed, “but the guy they had before me was called Tony Beard! Funnily enough, though the guy before him was Simon Phillips! But it was great, possibly the most enjoyable part of my career. But Greg and Keith fell out again and it all ended in litigation!”

“I remember Cozy being in my barn in Sussex,” says Keith Emerson. “He set up his impressive drum rig, then realised he had no drumsticks! He considered using some fallen branches from my orchard until a local farmer drove into town to get some proper ones. They weren’t the correct weight but were sufficient when he held then upside down using the fat end. Then he’d do his drum solo and it would be like World War III had broken out.”

Keith Emerson