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elegraph Magazine front 5 March 2016

Hoop dreams

Above “Water”, the benefit of crinoline and preservation of life’; original lithograph published
March 24, 1859 by WF Farbrother. Opposite ‘Mysteries of the Crinoline’, by an anonymous photographer.
Images throughout from Dr. Brian May and Denis Pellerin’s collections [London Stereoscopic Company Ltd]

TELEGRAPH – THE FASHION ISSUE Page 48-53 5 March 2016 by Lucy Davies

Queen guitarist, astrophysicist and wildlife campaigner Brian May is a man of diverse interests, but his latest project, a book on the history of the crinoline, is perhaps his most astonishing yet.

Around 1840, skirts began to widen – slowly at first, but within a decade a hem could measure as much as 33ft round. To achieve the look, a woman’s legs might be encased in 15lb of muslin, calico, flannel and horsehair – a condition that was as hot as it was unhygienic… …[continues Page 48-53]

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