Brian May talks about Freddie biopic, WWRY II and Isle of Wight Festival


Brian May talks to Kevin Hughes about the Freddie Mercury movie – on the Red Carpet at the Oliviers….


BRIAN MAY: I would still like it to be Ben Wishaw, you know, but ultimately Graham King presses all the buttons. You know, he’s the producer in the end. He’s our producer and has been all along. And everybody thinks it’s been a long time, but, yes, it has to be ‘cause this one has to be right. We get one shot to make the Freddie movie and this is it, you know, so it has to be right

Contrary to rumours you may hear out there, you know, we’re not going to side step anything. When did we ever. So it will be a movie that tells the truth as much as can be done, and it will be entertaining, as Freddie would require. You know, Freddie wouldn’t want to do anything that was mundane or boring or whatever, you know, so it will have every dimension to it, hopefully.

KEVIN HUGHES: How’s the script looking, Brian?

I like the present script. That’s all I can say really, yeah. But it is taking a while, and I think that’s probably all to the good. You have to turn over every stone. “We Will Rock You II”, Brian. Any news? I would love to do it, but we’re not really in agreement in the production team about how we do “We Will Rock You II”, so it’s still sitting there. It’s a very good script I think, and we need to get “We Will Rock You I” back up as well you know, so there’s a whole lot of things to look at.

Isle of Wight Festival, that’s going to be a big one, yeah?

It is a big one, yeah. We’ve never done it before and it’s a great challenge to do it GREAT. You know, we’re all aware of the legacy that we’re stepping into from The Who and Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan and stuff, you know. Fantastic to do it.

You want Adam to bring his wellies?

[Laughs] Adam hasn’t done that before. I can’t see Adam in wellington boots somehow. I can’t quite see it. [laughs].

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