Ex-Eastenders star Anita Dobson says marriage to Queen rocker Brian May is “Hard Work”


4 April 2016 by Hannah Hope

The actress has given an insight into her 16-year marriage to the legendary guitarist and said: “Brian and I have ups and downs like every marriage does”

Brian May and Anita Dobson
Anita Dobson says she has had to give up a “little bit” of independence

Ex-Eastenders star Anita Dobson has admitted that her 16 year marriage to Queen rocker Brian May is “hard work” and she has had to give up her independence.

The actress, 66, who has been married to the guitarist, 68, for 16 years, revealed that the couple have had their ups and downs.

She told the Mirror: “There’s no secret it’s hard work. Even though Brian’s the love of my life and he’s absolutely adorable it’s not easy and we have to work at it. But because we love each other and keep working at it, it pays off. Brian and I have ups and downs like every marriage does, although he’s a legend he’s still inside an ordinary man and I have got to remember that once we get inside the door it’s just us two.”

Brian May and Anita Dobson
Anita and Brian have been married 16 years

“Whatever is going on outside in the world we can deal with once we go back outside but when we’re indoors it’s just the two of us and we do have to make compromises. I’ve had to give up a little bit of my independence but because Brian loves me he allows me to be me and that’s the trick you should allow the person to be themselves. It is hard sometimes because allowing the person to be themselves can be pretty infuriating.”

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Anita, who played tempestuous Queen Vic landlady Angie Watts on the BBC1 soap in the 80s, added she does not see herself returning to the soap as most of her old castmates are dead. It comes as popular soap veterans Ross Kemp and Barbara Windsor make a comeback this year.

Speaking at the Olivier theatre awards in London on Sunday night she said: “I can’t really go back now I wouldn’t know anyone because most of the people are dead. A lot of people are going back and it’s creating a snowball effect of well-loved characters returning because it’s good for the series. And in fact if that’s what they want then I think good for them. It’s sort of blended itself in, but I’m worried the world is changing very fast now and don’t know whether soaps like EastEnders can keep up with that.”