Brian May on the importance of Asteroid Day


Check out this video message from Brian…

BRIAN MAY: “Of course there are many dangers that face mankind. From time to time massive objects will impact on the Earth. Our surveillance of what’s around us is not good enough. Chelyabinsk on the other side of the planet, crash, something that we never saw, impacted on the Earth. We are trying to ramp up the rate of detection of possible impacting objects a hundred times. On June the 30th we are opening up the petition 100X. It’s already been signed by a number of top scientists around the world, and astronauts, and we are asking the public to sign this petition, which will go to the Governments of the world to try and get them to prioritise this as a project. “

Asteroid day was formed with this in mind, of coordinating the efforts around the world to make the instruments we need to basically step up our rate of detection by about a thousand.

“Hi Folks, it’s Brian May here. We’re in the countdown to Asteroid Day, so stay with us on Discovery Science.”