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Brian May article appears in this week’s “Amateur Photographer” magazine dated Saturday 27 August 2016 – currently on sale. “Stereo Ga Ga” – Queen’s Brian May shows AP his stereoscopic viewer for smartphones.

Amateur Photographer 27 August 2016 - front cover

27 August 2016
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Queen guitarist and stereoscopy enthusiast Brian May talks to Chris Cheesman at the launch of his OWL VR Smartphone

Brian May confesses to guests, ‘My head’s kind of spinning’. These guests have gathered at Dolby’s plush offices in London’s Soho Square to learn about his latest adventures in the world of 3D.

The Queen guitarist is in the throes of a 15-date European Tour, and between gigs has flown back especially for the London launch of his OWL VR Smartphone Kit. He has stepped off stage in Barcelona, Spain, and has to jet off to Linz, Austria, first thing tomorrow morning. He may be weary from the ravelling, but Brian’s passion for what Victorians called stereoscopy – ‘virtual reality’ in 21st century jargon – remains undiminished.

This lifelong expert and fan of the third dimension began collecting stereo cards as a boy, starting with those given away for free with packets of Weetabix cereal. He now has 100,000 of the things.

Brian is ever keen to expound on all things 3D, and his interviews with journalists to promote his new stereo-viewing device are running behind – so late, in fact, that his PR entourage is told to vacate the screening room set aside for ‘one-on-one’ interviews. Amateur Photographer’s scheduled interview time came and went an hour ago, and it appears we have been defeated by the cleaners,

Are we about to be shown the door? CONTINUES…

Brian and Lilac VR Owl

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