Queen: Brian May’s 3-D Week


Brian May’s long-awaited Queen in 3-D book was finally released in the U.S. on Thursday by his own publishing firm, The London Stereoscopic Company.

May was on hand that day for a book signing at Book Soup in West Hollywood, where he autographed 350 copies.

On Friday, he hosted a 20-minute presentation at the main theatre on the Walt Disney Studios Burbank lot, where he provided commentary about many of the pictures in the book, which were projected on a big screen in high quality 3-D.

He then signed books for the audience, which included press, fans, members of the L.A. 3-D club, and Disney animation department personnel.

Brian May of Queen on how Queen in 3-D is different from previous books his company has published in 3-D:

“This is the first time I’ve published something in more recent history – this is the last 50 years, which is not so long for a person like me. But it’s also very personal, ‘cause this is my life and this is Queen. And you’ll see Queen in this book on stage in pictures that you’ve never seen before, but also offstage in all our sort of quiet moments, but also in 3-D.”

Brian May on what makes 3-D photography so powerful for him.

“Rather than just a flat picture on a page, you’re getting a window you could walk through and it’s like a time machine, you really feel like you’re there. So for me writing the book, that was my channel. I just looked at these pictures using the stereoscope, as you will do reading the book, and all these memories flooded back, because I felt like I was there again. That’s the power of 3-D.”

Queen in 3-D Rocks LA!

Brian was out and about in LA last week on the Queen in 3-D promo trail as part of the US launch of the book, and it could be said it went rather well…

He was on local radio and TV before causing a booking signing mosh pit over at the Book Soup store.

– The store completely sold out of copies of Queen in 3-D.
– THREE HUNDRED people lined up outside the store.
– 500 copies bought.
– Fans were turned away at the door. – Brian signed books for almost 4 hours!

Brian also then headed up a Disney presentation the following night, which was also a huge success and saw him sign ANOTHER stack of books.

Order “Queen in 3-D” here.

Queen in 3-d front cover