Animal Aid Award presented to Dr Brian May


Animal Aid Award

Bologna, 10th November 2017

Last Friday, 10th November, Brian May received the 2017 Animal Aid Italia award for his outstanding contribution to the animal rights cause.

The award was presented to Dr May in Bologna, just before the Italian show of the Queen + Adam Lambert European tour, by Pier Paolo Cirillo, President of Animal Aid Italia. Animal Aid Italia and the Save Me Trust are strongly committed to give a voice to the animal world

. By joining forces worldwide we can create a better world where, as the award says, quoting Brian May’s song We Believe: “every creature has a being, has a right to respect and feeling, to live and breathe and flourish in the sun”.

Brian May and Pier Paolo Cirillo

Photo credits: © Leo Pelz

Thanks to Paola Riccucci for her kind assistance in Bologna and to Raffaella Rolla and Sara Bricusse for making it happen.

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