Brian May’s visit to WWRY rehearsals, Budapest – and interviews



Published on Nov 7, 2017

Brian May, Queen guitarist, has visited the We Will Rock You musical rehearsal! Friday 3 November 2017.

BRIAN: “It was overwhelming, I was sensed because I remember how we took the first steps … … honestly, I have a strong emotional relationship with this whole thing because the music really is what we are.”

INTERVIEW Brian May [sign?] with the Queen’s solo guitar for the WWRY musical coming November 24! | https: //
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PREMIER: November 24 BOK (former Syma) Hall


BRIAN MAY: Beautiful, amazing… It’s been great seeing this already. You know I love seeing it in this state and once we have the costumes snafu lights and the sounds, it will be stupendous. I think it will connect with a whole new generation.

I’m blown away. really. ObViously it’s very emotional for me because obviously I remember the very first steps we took. Fresh, you know. the choreography’s new, the costumes are new and you know the music and the story are the same which is great and that makes me happy you know. But I have a big emotional investment in this you know because the music is us,

[Music] ‘Who Wants To Live Forever’

It’s a great yeah you know I think t puts the cast very much in contact with us and the sort of vibe – we call it ‘the vibe’ you know – the energy of what we created comes through the cast.

[Music] `Radio Ga Ga’

I’ve seen a lot of the set designs on costumes which are incredible you know, I love the fact that it’s so new and so creative and this is exactly the right time and the right place to do this. See the thing is I know this off by heart. I know every word – every song every, you know, so I know what’s going on but it’s very true to the original … and I think the comedy will come across. That’s important you know because there’s a heart to this. It’s an emotional story but there’s also a lot of comedy and the two have to balance. You have to laugh and you have to cry as well or the

[Music] ‘A Kind of Magic’

And to see this young company with this incredible energy doing incredible choreography which is new – amazing really – and singing to this standard as well is amazing. I know the amount of work that it takes to get it to this point so to me it’s great you know and I think this musical will actually will live on long after we’ve gone and I felt that at the time and something I’m very proud of.