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Brian May reflects on his career and his passion for 3D photos
24 February 2018

. This week in Sydney the 70 year old was the center of attention of adoring fans.

STUDIO: Almost 50 years ago Brian May was a young guitarist who formed a band with three mates in London. Queen then conquered the music world with their original blend of hard rock and theatre, all powered by most distinctive guitar sound.

(Lady presenter) Although he’s turned 70, May continues touring and indulging in his many passions, including photography. Candies Prosser had a rare opportunity to speak to the rock and roll legend.

BRIAN MAY: I do love what we do, yeah. It’s sometimes what goes with it is hard and all the traveling, especially when you get a little older. You’re away from your family, away from home. away from you animals. It’s tough, you know, but for that couple of hours on stage it’s worth it.

CANDICE: Queen, the chart-topping legendary rock superstars who took the world by storm with their hit songs, Though their charismatic frontman Freddie Mercury is no longer of this world, Queen’s star keeps shining guitarist. Guitarist Brian May is touring Australia with original drummer, Roger Taylor, and new recruit, Adam Lambert. This week in Sydney the 70 year old was the centre of attention of adoring fans

FANS: [Of Brian] He’s an awesome boy. He seems to be very genuine in what he does he has a passion for what he does and I think it shows in a lot of his work.

CANDICE: Although he’s used to being photographed, Brian May enjoys being on the other side of the lens. His latest book is a collection of intimate 3-D photographs he took of Queen in the band’s heyday.

BRIAN: Well this is a good one. You know, this is Freddie taking a picture of me, taking a picture of him, so I rather like this and I would love to find the picture that he took on his instant stereo camera. It is like a photo album very much so and people are shocked I find, you know, but when they actually get in there and look through the viewer they go “Oh my God. Didn’t realize that it was going to be so real and we feel like we could touch you guys – we could touch Freddie in those days.” It’s a kind of magical experience I love that. It’s magic, you know. it’s a kind of magic which I always wanted to bring to Queen… and this is where people go “Wow – I feel like I could touch him”, you know, so have a look…


BRIAN: So you see I got a “Wow” from Candice, so we’re all right.

FAN: Amazing band. Been around the world watching them. I’m actually seeing seven shows in Australia so tonight’ll be night two and then I’ve got Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne as well.

CANDICE: It’s been decades since Queen rose to fame, with that unmistakeable Queen sound. The music that has been loved by millions remains as iconic as ever and continues to be enjoyed by old and new generations of fans alike.

BRIAN: We’re normal people, you know. Like we’re rock stars but we’re not saying, “Hey we’re rock stars and this is what it feels like”. We’re saying we’re normal people. We have normal kind of dreams. We have normal disappointments and sadnesses and joys, love etcetera. That’s what we talk about in the songs. I think that’s what it is, and we were fiercely competitive as writers, you know. (Gestures) I’m doing this… who does this remind you. You know we live in strange times but the fact that I think we still talk about normal things, the things that everybody feels inside, that’s kind of what it’s about.

CANDICE: Cancice Prosser, ABC News.

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STUDIO: Doesn’t he seem remarkably normal for a rock star. (Lady Presenter): Yeah I’m gonna have that song of my mind all day now. ‘We Are the Champion’s very appropriate. (Male presenter) it is appropriate because we go to sport now…