3-D talk at the National Portrait Gallery


Elderly lady by ntoine Claudet"
Stereoscopic Daguerreotype of an elderly lady by Antoine Claudet.

Brian May Collection. If you are near London on March 22, do not miss the 3-D talk given by the LSC [and now Brian May] at the National Portrait Gallery to accompany the exhibition Victorian Giants.

The four “Giants” chosen by the NPG are Lady Clementina Hawarden, Julia Margaret Cameron, Lewis Carroll and Osca Gustav Rejlander. The exhibition is definitely worth a visit and we highly recommend you spend some leisurely time there. The “Giants” selected by the LSC for the 3-D talk Portraits for the Stereoscope: Seeing the Victorians, are among the most famous daguerreotypists of the 1850s: Antoine Claudet, Richard Beard, T. R. Williams, John Jabez Mayall, William Edward Kilburn, and a few others. They captured ordinary people and celebrities of their time and age in glorious 3-D and these portraits, which are over 150 years old, bring the Victorians back to life as only stereo can do.

The lecture will take place in the Ondaatje Wing Theatre and will begin at 7.00 pm. Tickets can be booked online (www.npg.org.uk).

Please tell your friends, spread the word, and we are definitely looking forward to seeing you on March 22.

Denis Pellerin

[NB. Brian May will now be sharing the talking with Denis Pellerin – see SOAPBOX]