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Going Where No One Has Gone Before, Space Rocks Indigo O2
27 April 2018 by Sarah Sievers


Topics of discussion range from, sci-fi you can no longer watch or read once you know the science is wrong, to a recommended reading list (which was unsurprisingly heavy on the Carl Sagan)!  To keep the conversation lively the panel are swapped for the second half of the second segment.  Charlotte Hatherley prepares for her performance and is replaced by Lonely Robot frontman and one-time member of It BitesJohn Mitchell.  Gavin Rothery steps aside for epic panel guest, Queen guitarist and owner of anti-gravitational hair, Dr Brian May CBE.

Brian May at Space Rocks
Brian May at Space Rocks

In the course of debate and banter May and the group drive home a message that how ever ambitious and driven we are as a species to further explore space, we are not currently and may never be in position to colonise other planets and live there, we must start taking care of our planet because there is no stand by.  They also mused about the possibility that alien cultures think we’re idiots and have been avoiding us.  Perhaps, choosing to hide because the universe is a threatening place, whilst humankind sends out endless signals, chatter, and noise both purposefully and involuntarily.