Brian May speaking at Space Rocks


Space Rocks imageBRIAN MAY took part in a Discussion Panel at Space Rocks today, at the O2 in London today.

Brian May speaking eloquently on the importance of looking after our planet, before looking beyond to other planets, with reflections on how we treat all the other animals on this earth. Love how he uses his platform to highlight his message of compassion for ALL living things…

With acknowledgment and thanks to Julie Chandler [IG #anotherwriter75]

EXTRACT of Brian’s comments, speaking at Space Rocks in Panel Discussion, along with Tim Peake. Sunday 22 April 2018

BRIAN MAY: … … to colonise the whole of this Universe, because really we have made a terrible mess here, and I absolutely advocate I think somebody said it in the first part of this seminar … it’s important that we clean up our act before we start taking our s**t to the rest of the …

INTERVIEWER: I think we all it’s officially arguably uncertainty evolved to start…

BRIAN: Yeah I’m very involved in animals as you probably know and I think basically we treat the rest of the animals, all the creatures in creation, incredibly badly and this has to be put right.

I see no proof really that we are the only important species on this planet. I think if an alien came , that’s one of the first things they would look at and they would say: “Well this species of humans obviously think they’re the only thing that matters and they’re eating everything else and they’re experimenting on everything else. They’re abusing animals. Why do they think they have the right to do this.” So I think we should fix this first.

INTERVIEWER: Then we need to become….

Brian May Space Rocks Panel Discussion 22 April 2018 © Julie Chandler

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