Decades of Tone – New BMG Treble Booster Classic


Brian May Guitars are very pleased to announce the launch of the brand new BMG® TREBLE BOOSTER CLASSIC.

BMG Treble Booster Classic

Proudly made in England and engineered by British electronics guru, Nigel Knight, this compact, multi-mode foot pedal combines three uniquely voiced circuits that faithfully replicate Dr. May’s most recognisable tones from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Thanks to the unique access provided by his long term tech, Pete Malandrone, the sound representing each decade has been meticulously modelled after the actual vintage equipment used by Brian May during each period of his stellar career – his dynamic, germanium Dallas Rangemaster from the 1970’s, the orange label, silicon BC149 transistor powered booster installed on his pedal board throughout the 80’s, and an original 1998 Greg Fryer strap booster.

Every possible technical nuance of these contemporaneous processors has been analysed in order to recreate the original circuitry and realise an astonishingly authentic reproduction of their tonal responses and output profiles, providing modern guitarists the opportunity to select the distinctive sound of their favourite May-era, at the flick of a switch and the turn of a level control.

Whether you wish to nail the feral attack of “Stone Cold Crazy”, conjure up the spirit of Wembley ’86 or explore your own new musical horizons, this will definitely be the ONLY treble booster you will ever need!