Brian May heads to Zürich, Switzerland


With an early start, today, Brian was headed for Zürich, Switzerland, for the Starmus V Festival.

This evening – a rehearsal for the OFFICIAL FESTIVAL OPENING Monday, 19:30 – 23:00, a Hans Zimmer “Once upon a time on the Moon” concert, with special guests Brian May, Rick Wakeman, Steve Vai, Kip Thorne, Paul Franklin and other star, plus the 21st Century Orchestra & Chorus, paying homage to the Apollo Missions and those who made them possible.

He will also be speaking, along with his esteemed co-author, David Eicher, at Wednesday afternoon’s conference session, “BACK TO THE MOON” 14:30 – 18:00 , and will be showcasing their “Mission Moon 3-D” book.

Check out the programme HERE

Starmus V poster
Starmus V 2019 banner