Backstage at Starmus – First Rehearsal – Stephen Hawking Medals


 A moment to treasure ! Backstage at STARMUS this morning with a posse of heroes.

Starmus - posse of heroes

L to R … Garik Israelian (STARMUS creator,) Bri, Brian Eno, Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweichert, Charlie Duke, Walt Cunningham, Harrison ‘Jack’ Smith.

And now to the serious business of building a show for this night only. But who knows what the future may hold ?!!

Much electricity in the air ! First rehearsal with my dear old pal and terrifying guitar maestro STEVE VAI – and so exciting to meet this fabulous young ensemble from Lucerne – the 21st Century Orchestra and Choir. Awesome STARMUS moments.

Brian May: At Starmus V first rehearsal 24/06/2019

Honoured to be working with these venerable musical warriors – Steve Vai and Hans Zimmer. Bring it on !!!

Brian May, Steve Vai and Hans Zimmer

Two citations for this year’s Stephen Hawking Medal awards. Delivered ! Now I take a musical step into the void !!!

Citations for Elon Musk and Edwin Aldrin

BRIAN’S SPEECH as delivered:

BRIAN: May I please deliver this citation – are you ready…

Whereas ELON REEVE MUSK, a technology entrepreneur, investor and engineer, has taken the first bold steps towards space travel and the colonisation of other worlds by private enterprise. And whereas he has re-ignited public belief in the world of innovation and exploration of the Cosmos, and encouraged a whole new generation to look to the Stars, It gives me great pleasure to present – virtually – the 2019 Stephen Hawking medal for Science to ELON MUSK !!!”


Elon makes speech acceptance speech. Garik then announces that there is a surprise new category . . . for Lifetime Achievement and hands over to me…

BRIAN: Are you ready for this – a citation – a surprise. Okay.

Whereas EDWIN EUGENE ALDRIN made world history by flying a man-made machine to land on another world – and walk on the Moon. And Whereas he has since that time devoted his life to Science outreach. Whereas he is the ONLY Apollo astronaut with over 1,000 lectures to his name, all inspiring a whole new generation to prioritise missions to other planets. Whereas he is now 90 years old and still tirelessly promoting space science, it gives me great pleasure to award the 2019 – and the very FIRST Stephen Hawking medal for Lifetime achievement to BUZZ ALDRIN.”


This pic is definitely going on my wall. A proud moment presenting the amazing BUZZ ALDRIN with his Stephen Hawking medal. I’m glad I came to STARMUS !!!

Buzz Adrin with medal and Bri"
“Buzz” Aldrin and Brian May – Photo : Nicole Ettinger