Diableries launch – interview video


Check out this video, filmed in the Diableries “Crypt” – Brian May interviewed with his co-authors Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming.

Diableries: Interview with Brian May, Denis Pellerin & Paula Fleming

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1 November 2019
Interview with Brian May, Denis Pellerin & Paula Fleming

This week saw the second edition of the photographic book ‘Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell’ published. And this time it can be called the ‘Complete Edition’ as the final 2 stereo cards missing from the 1st have been found…

by Jen Tunney:

BRIAN MAY: These things are made of clay. They’re incredibly delicate. What you’re looking at here probably didn’t survive more than a couple of weeks and, you know, for instance the London Stereoscopic Company Britain, who had three separate shops in London and a couple elsewhere and at one time they in claimed to have had a million views for sale, so it was a very big thing. It’s like record collecting (in the 1970s?) We were excited about what was going to be the next release. That’s the way it was done. They decided to be immortalised them by taking stereoscopic pictures of them. That’s the story of the Diableries.

DISORDER: So these are all models are actual (artefacts?) Are there any in existence still?

PAULA FLEMING: To the best of our knowledge no. They were about eight inches tall and, but they were just too fragile and when you think of all the wars and fires and everything there, they’re not likely to survive. We keep hoping to find one but we haven’t.

DISORDER: … the young Boris Johnsons and Jacob Rees-Moggs of the time…

DENIS PELLERIN: The first publisher of Diableries was really against, against the Emperor and because he was a Republican in the French meaning of the way and, and Napoleon the third made a coup and became Emperor and so he was very much against him and tried to learn, to tell people how much he hated (he had become?) DISORDER: Brian, you saw, you found your first one (in) Portobello Road. What was it like finding the last one?

BRIAN: it was a big thrill. It was found … from a collector in the Netherlands and he was kind enough to let scan through the book but he didn’t want to let go of it. It is fair enough, but luckily for me, Denis found another copy of the same incredibly rare card and he presented it to me for my birthday so it was a big thrill. Perfect. It’s the closing of a chapter.