Audio Book Alert !!!!


The Asteroid Hunter

Those of you have been following the adventures of OSIRIS REx will know that the Instigator of this amazing mission to Near-Earth Asteroid BENNU is DANTE LAURETTA. You may also know that, as well as co-authoring our BENNU 3-D book with me … he is publishing his biography – the story of his life-long pursuit of the origins of Life. Well, the book is now an audiobook too.

Dante himself has recorded the main text – and he asked me to record the sub-plot – the counter-thread. This is a snippet of it to whet your appetite !!!

It’s the story of two entangled carbon atoms and their separate – yet profoundly linked – journeys through space and time. Search for “The Asteroid Hunter” and enjoy this great real-life adventure story in your ears !!!


Wow – thanks so much for your warm, warm and encouraging comments, folks. I was quite nervous of putting this out there. I guess none of us like the sound of our own voice! I find myself very critical of the way I pronounce this, and it’s a skill I’d like to develop to a better standard. But I did enjoy doing this. The book is definitely unique. Dante, like all the best scientists, is an artist. I think this is an ideal book to be listening to in the car, or in quiet moments. As the narrative, unfolds, the two parallel stories are interspersed, and, because they are told in different voices, the demarcation is very clear.