NASA live with Brian TOMORROW – Sunday 24 Sept


NASA broadcast

TOMORROW (Sunday 24th September) you can watch this groundbreaking moment when first ever sample of Asteroid BENNU lands on Earth and as the OSIRIS-REx team recover the precious samples, live on NASA TV.

Brian May’s coauthor and leader of the mission, Dante Lauretta, will be right there in the Utah desert!

And Brian will share some words with the world on his
crucial role in the success of this….
There are two options for viewing and the start time is 10am EDT/3 pm BST:

Watch on NASA’s website:​
Watch on NASA’s YouTube channel:

In case you didn’t know Brian – along with his colleague, Claudia Manzoni – was a key part of the mission, creating stereoscopic images from the O-REx data that enabled Dante and his team to locate a safe landing site for sample collection.

To celebrate, Dante and Brian further collaborated to bring you – BENNU 3-D: ANATOMY OF AN ASTEROID, the only book to explore the full story of the world’s most hazardous asteroid from formation to this current mission.

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