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Red Special Meet-up UK - guitars

Jon Underhill of the Red Special Forum, reported on recent Meet-Up :

We had the Red Special meet-up…

Saturday, 9 October 2021 from 10:00-17:00
Theale Village Hall Englefield Road, Reading RG7 5

Another great day.

Over 40 people attended inclusions some guest speakers and contributors of Justin Shirley Smith, Arielle, Nigel Knight of KAT, Andrew Guyton from Guyton Guitars and Andrew Morgan of A Strings. We raised over £500 for the Save Me Foundation. We had some old forum members attend and some new ones 🙂

Brian and Harold’s creation of the Red Special has inspired us all and created a worldwide community of enthusiast and friendships that span the globe -a great thing he has inadvertently helped make and how he has bought us all together.

Red Special Meet-up UK - attendees


Check out the video:

GB 9+ #Frantic Sneak Peak – The Red Special Meetup UK 2021

This is a first sneak peak of what we got up to at the Red Special Guitar Meetup UK 2021. The event The Red Special Guitar Podcast arranges each year in Theale In Reading. We had a massive turnout of people including special guests: Arielle Justin Shirley Smith Andrew Guyton Luke Timmins Andrew Morgan In order arrange the event I also enlist the help of the #Frantic Five Luke Timmins, Dan Thomas, Steve McCulla, Matt Netherwood and Jonathan Planner. We had an amazing day. Please keep your eyes peeled for more videos of all of the demos and Q&A’s over the next few weeks.

So what goes on in these fab meet-ups – and how did special guests contribute?

Jon replies:

So we do a little introduction Q&A or a demo with them and then people can ask them questions from the audience.

Justin [Shirley Smith] for example told us his story and then answered questions about recording AC30’s and stayed all day.

Arielle did a Q&A and then let everyone play her Two-Tone Guitar. She also stayed and came to the meal with us.

Andrew Guyton [Guyton Guitar Co] brought one of the attendees his new Time Warp Red Special, which was very special as it was his birthday, so we did this live unboxing and sang happy birthday with a cake and giant card 🙂

Nigel Knight [Brian May Guitars] brought some new products to test and then donated some kit to the raffle.

Andrew Morgan [A Strings] bought some bits from A Strings for the raffle too.

Plus we had people who had never met getting on like a house on fire.


Jon Underhill
The Red Special Guitar Podcast