The Red Special Podcast Episode 20: Brian May


The Red Special Podcast

The new episode of the Red Special Podcast is now on line.

Jon Underhill of Red Special Guitar Podcast says:

“In this instalment today we are talking to Dr Brian Harold May himself.

If you don’t know the story of the Red Special then you are in for a treat as Brian and his Dad built the guitar out of necessity when Brian was a 16 year old boy. What is more impressive is that he has used that same guitar not only through his whole recording career with Queen but he has also used it live every night on every tour for almost 60 years.

In the episode we talk about everything from building the guitar, politics, animals, the Worldwide Red Special Community, his relationship with his dad Harold.

This was a real honour for me to get to sit down with Bri and talk about all of this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.”

Please check out the following – Enjoy !! :

Brian May – The Red Special Guitar Podcast – Episode 20

“On today’s episode and without shadow of a doubt the one we’ve all been waiting for our 20th episode on the Podcast, and we’ve managed to speak to DrBrian Harold May himself.

Now this happened about a week and a half after the UK Red Special guitar Meet-up in October in 2022 and it’s been very hard for me to keep it quiet to all of you and to put this together without letting any of you know what happened but I would like you to sit back and relax.  Make sure you’ve got a nice drink.  Turn off any notifications on your phone.  Make sure that you’ve got a good hour and a bit of time to listen and enjoy with me welcoming Bri to the Red Special Guitar Podcast…” Jon