Stereoscopy Is Good For You – Contributors’ Event


UPDATING –  Now with Full Speech video added.


On Wednesday 2 November 2022 Brian May hosted, and was pleased to welcome to the Proud Galleries, many contributors to the book, “Stereoscopy Is Good For You”, evening of 2 November. During the course of the event he addressed the assembled gathering.

Here, a peek inside last week’s VIP launch of Stereoscopy Is Good For You: Life In 3-D at Proud Galleries, where guests celebrated the joy of 3-D photography from aroundthe world…. and Ben Elton made a guest appearance, exploring the exhibit with Brian.



BRIAN MAY Speech to Contributors “Stereoscopy Is Good For You” 02/11/2022

[Many thanks to Linda Lamon for the transcript and clip]


“I’m blown away by the fact that you guys came all came from so far from all over the world  to actually be here with us tonight. It’s incredible to have all these fantastic faces that I’ve never seen before – lots of faces I have seen before  – lots of work that I’ve seen before – and I’ve …and we’re all in one room, finally together. 

Thank you for coming.

It’s amazing – I feel a little bit lost for words – I was quite nervous . My Press night last night  – that’s where I’m  sort of speaking to people who don’t know what stereo is…Tonight I‘m speaking to a room full of of experts  in stereoscopy – right?!  So I have to be really careful!

But I am so, so proud of all of you – all of you contributors to the book – it’s incredible – it’s much better that I even imagined and the book started off quiet small and it grew and grew and suddenly I realised it was is very important because this is a statement of what stereoscopy is in the 21st century.

And it’s a statement also about how everyone felt  about their time in lockdown –  we were  all alone in lockdown right – we’re all together now – thank God – for a while, let’s hope.

But I think the book is such an important statement – I mean I wanted to make sure that everyone of you, to begin with, has a copy of the book.  If you don’t have a copy of the book, we will sort that okay – but I hope you enjoy your copies.

And I’m really here just to say thank you – I can’t do a speech about how to take stereo picture because you all know!  I can’t really do a story about how stereography was born because you all know that too right!  I can point over there to Sir Charles Wheatstone and I think we should all raise a cheer for Charles Wheatstone  – who made all this happen!

You’ll notice that there isn’t a picture of David Brewster up here – not that I have anything against him – but you know, so many sources will tell you that David Brewster invented stereoscopy and he didn’t . He did a lot for it – he did  adapt things and managed to popularise it – er, in a sense…”


BRIAN MAY Full Speech to Contributors “Stereoscopy Is Good For You” 02/11/2022 – side fill – clip by Andrea Botto

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