Announcement !! Exhibition at the Proud Galleries EXTENDING !!!



Proud Galleries exhibition extending

Announcement !! Our Stereoscopic Exhibition at the Proud Galleries is EXTENDING !!! To April 8th.

Come see us – enjoy the 3-D world and SHOP at the only Stereoscopic Emporium in London / and probably the World – since the 1850’s !!!


Brian May announcement: Exhibition at the Proud Galleries EXTENDING !!!

Hi folks,

I hope you’re all well out there and enjoying 2023. It’s been a while since I spoke to you but I always vowed that I wouldn’t come on here to speak unless I had time to say. Well today I do have some to say and happy to announce that our galleries exhibit, our exhibition which is called “Stereoscopy Is Good For You in the Proud Galleries is still there right now. It’s very near The Embankment and Charing Cross and we’ve been going for a few months but the good news is that, although we were due to close pretty soon, we’ve been invited to stay for an extension until April the 8th. So for those of you who haven’t been, please take the opportunity to call in and see us.

It’s all about this [shows book]- well partly about this – “Stereoscopy Is Good For You” – this book which we put out a little while before Christmas. Something I’m very proud of and all the pictures in it are the result of, basically, amateurs, telling us how they felt during lockdown. I find it’s still a very moving book and it comes as always with some kind of stereoscopic viewer. This is the larger OWL [shows viewer] – some of these books come with a smaller one.

It’s not just about this,  although these are the most modern stereos you will find, it’s also about a rather more serious book which is “Stereoscopy”, [shows book] which is our complete history of the early days of stereoscopy, which I recommend for anyone who wants to go deeper. Very proud of this research by Denis Pellerin, my amazing colleague and archivist, and it’s also about this. [Shows “Queen In 3-D” book]

The exhibition is divided into three sections – one for each book – one for each subject – so you’ll get a real chance to immerse yourself in various different kinds of stereoscopy if you come to the Proud Galleries.

So thank you Alex Proud for having us – and any time before April 8th please come in and see us. There’s a link in my slink [or HERE], which I think says something about tickets for exhibition.  That’s where you can find the tickets, so it’s best to to book to make sure you avoid disappointment – okay.

God bless you all – and I have more announcements to make pretty soon but I’m happy to make this one.

Take care out there. 

Bye for now


Yes indeed ! Come on down ! For a stereoscopic feast – and the chance to take some treasures home !!! Link [] in my SLINK !!! (in my IG bio) 

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Proud Galleries exhibition extending