MacBookPro Love/Hate Relationship and iWish Prime Minister


Since writing about my frustrations about the Apple MacBook Pro, I have been literally DELUGED with mail from Mac users who are feeling the same frustrations.

You might have noticed that I prefaced my moans with a declaration that I have always been a staunch Mac supporter. A lot of you agree … my favourite comment was from a VERY unhappy MBP user who said,

“Do they understand how much I really want to love this machine?”

That’s my feeling too. I don’t want advice from helplines telling me how to make the best of my problems … I want an admission from the manufacturer that they realise that the machine has severe faults, and that they care enough to try to rectify them.


It’s so much like Tony Blair …. the man who will probably go down in History as “The Man Who Could Not Admit he was Wrong.” Every day our young men are still losing their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, and every day it becomes plainer that it was a gigantic, terrible, tragic mistake. Tony Blair even now could depart a hero if he could only bring himself to say …

“OK … I can now admit it: I screwed up. As my final gift to the nation, I’m bringing the troops home ! “

Will it happen ?

We shall see. He’s another example …. we all SO wanted to love this man when he was elected. And now …. ??