Apple enslavement – and announcement !


Apple enslavement

Very disappointed and pissed off this morning. My iPhone, whose operating system I had been refusing to update for about a year, updated itself last night. Without asking me. So two of these four apps will never work again. So I lose 3 years of health data that was stored in the 7-Minute Workout app, and I lose my favourite way of taking 3-D photos because 3-D Camera app is now defunct.

I feel completely betrayed by Apple and it’s not the first time. There are some great employees in the Apple organisation, but I feel that at the top of Apple organisation, all they care about now is taking our money. Apple used to be fun and inspiring. Now it’s no longer fun. We are all held by the balls. Because we are dependent on the systems they have built up, we no longer have choices. Of course I want my old operating system restored and data back. But I sincerely doubt if it will happen.

Are you listening, Apple ?

Well, you’re the first Trillion Dollar company in the world, I hear. So why would you bother ? This is the kind of behaviour that made you so rich. What else matters ?


The sound track album from the film is done and dusted and on its way … it’s gonna interest a lot of Queen-aware people, I think … and there are plenty of cast iron hits for the casual shopper ! [SEE PRESS RELEASE]

Smile reunite for Bo Rhap soundtrack album

Show Time Bunnies ! 

Show Time Bunnies !

Cheers !