3-D Show hits Yorkshire … Tomorrow we’re hitting the small time, big time


Phone box stereo

Aha! Just an ordinary phone-box, you might think … on a rainy street, in the middle of … ?? ?

But no! Like the Tardis, this one holds special magic ….

Well, it will, as of Thursday 4th – when our “A Village Lost and Found” exhibition will be installed in the Smallest Art Gallery in the world – the Gallery on the Green. It’s in lovely Settle in Yorkshire, and that is where Elena and I are, this evening … the eve of the grand opening! Which will be at 2pm – rain or shine …

And later we will deliver our 3-D projection show in the Settle Victoria Hall, Kirkgate, BD24 9DZ.

Well, it makes a change …

Brian May at phone box - stereo

This Art Gallery has seriously captured the imagination of a whole community, and we are honoured to be able to mount our exhibition here. It perfectly suits the intimate experience of Victorian stereoscopy. Of course all our images will be in 3-D – viewed with an OWL, inside this unique place of enjoyment!

You can see there is nothing in the box here, but tomorrow, all will be installed, and the Gallery will be in business. I will send a picture or two.