Lost Smile Tracks – ‘Earth’


Someone was asking recently if we’d ever used a Mellotron. Well, blow me down – I had forgotten – we did, on this [“Earth”] recording. It’s making the string sounds in the last chorus. There is also a Hammond organ. And it’s interesting that I’m singing the top harmonies here, and Roger the lower ones.

Other little-known facts .. the guitar solo was the first time I got the chance, in a real recording studio, to do a two-part solo (meaning two in harmony .. or, you might say, contrapuntal, or ‘at the same time’ ! ) … it had been in my head for a while … and then the Keep Yourself Alive solo was the first time I got to do a three-part one.

The solo cuts off very abruptly. You might wonder why ! Well, it was only 8-track recording tape. We didn’t realise it until the mix, but the engineer had put my second solo part on the same track at the lead vocal ! He just dropped out the recording of the guitar smartish when the vocal was due back in !!! I wonder who that was, engineering … it was John Anthony producing. And I wonder where the multitrack is !!!



(Polar Bear)


(Doin’ Alright)