Sun Trails !


Winter Solstice 2010

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This amazing photograph was made by my friend Prof Greg Parker, the eminent Astro-Photographer. New Forest Observatory

It shows the track of the Sun every day throughout the last 6 months, across the sky, from a static camera in his garden in the New Forest.

What is more amazing is the fact that the camera was an empty food can with a pinhole aperture!

This shows that great things can still be done with ingenuity, rather than millions of dollars of gear.

The exposure was started at the Summer Solstice, last June, with the Sun on its highest path, and stopped at Winter Solstice, when the Sun had made its lowest track in the sky. You can see an observatory dome at the bottom and some trees. The latest trail is at the bottom of the image.

I think this ought to win prizes!

So .. here’s hoping the Sun will give you all some nice days in 2011 !