Viva! Changing the world


[Referring to article in BIKYA MASR today – UK gov’t urged to ban ‘un-British cruelty’ foie gras:]

Very good.

Viva! are doing a wonderful job. They keep highlighting the realities of the cruelty involved in the food we eat. They are changing the world.

I note the lingering reluctance of the reporting – using the word ‘squeamish’ to describe the reaction of the animal-aware – a subtle implication that they are being silly. You might use that word to describe someone going to have an injection in their arm … but it’s a totally inappropriate word to describe the outrage we feel when an animal is caused needless pain, in the name of food or enjoyment for humans. You can imagine, 150 years ago, someone describing William Wilberforce as ‘squeamish’ for trying to end the suffering caused by slavery. It’s not very different.

We still have a long way to go.

On the up-side … CONGRATULATIONS to the 219 pubs! Save-Me loves you!!