Anthems on the Radio – Bri’s injury – and Copenhagen

Kerry Ellis, Chris Tarrant and Brian - with injury
Kerry Ellis, Chris Tarrant and Brian – with injury

I did a whole day’s promo work with Kerry Ellis for the upcoming ANTHEMS tour yesterday. It went well, and we had some fun, as you can see from this pic of us at the Beeb with the excellent Chris Tarrant. You can also see my unfortunate injury. I had an ignominious encounter with a huge Olive Oil can at the weekend, which landed me with a big deep gash to my Barré finger. I will be fine … I was lucky in that the horrendously sharp edge of the tin can just missed the tendon in that finger. I will be fine in a couple of weeks, I’m told, except possibly for a patch of non-sensitivity which may be there for keeps. The most unfortunate thing is that it will prevent me from playing in Copenhagen tomorrow, for the launch of WWRY in Denmark. I will just have to talk instead … my deep apologies to those who were hoping I’d add some notes to the First Night.