Jet Harris


Jet Harris – RIP

Jet Harris

Sad news today about the passing of Jet Harris.

To all of us in the baby-boom generation, the Shadows were IT in our teenage years. Jet Harris was one of the first English guys EVER to stride about the stage with an electric bass guitar. Let me tell you – the whole thing was something amazing in those days. Can’t imagine how this young guy learned his skills so quickly, but he was already a very adept bass player when the Shadows made their first album – meaning the first one without their notable singer – Cliff Richard! Check it out.

Jet Harris was also a heroic symbol of the rebellious youth at the time … a James Dean kind of figure … all image and mystery –
and the girls screamed.

This is way before The Beatles !

Screaming at British pop stars was not the norm.

Jet Harris was an icon.

When he left the Shadows, he teamed up with the Shadows first drummer, Tony Meehan,
and the two of them made some really great records on their own … hits … notable Diamonds ..

Jet transferring to a very growly 6-string bass and Tony thrashing away
in a style which I know influenced our Roger … was music to our ears.

But today is a sad day … Jet Harris is no more in this world.

I hope he is rockin’ on … all image, all swagger, all definitive Early Rock – and all full ‘o joy.