Are the skeleton guys carvin letters or holes????


[In reply to a question about the Skeleton picture]

Dear Betina …

Thanks for the response …. very good … You’ve asked a question which I ought to answer.

Those marks on the ‘blade’ of whatever it is that these skeleton guys are forging, are not part of the model that was photographed to make this view. They’re not part of the negative either, and were not originally on the print. They are scratches and prickings made to the surface of the photographic (albumen) prints, made to allow light to come through from the back and make those ‘magic’ effects. It’s like the pricking of the eyes, with red gel on the back, to make them shine out, and the scratching of the lanterns to make them subtly glow with backlighting. So these marks are designed to make the ‘blade’ glisten. Now having said this, I think it may give us an extra clue to what the object is meant to be. It probably indicates that it was meant to look like it had a shiny surface at least. And maybe there is more to it than that. I will now go back and look at what kind of pricking was applied to all the cards of this scene I can find. I’ll get back to you – eventually ! It may take a while with all the stuff on my plate right now.

But thanks very much for pointing this out.


I have to say I’m bowled over by the response to this puzzle … I had no idea there were so many great souls out there who still read my Soapbox. Thanks so much – the ideas are great, and I will ask Jen to put them up in a special compilation place on the site somewhere … they make great reading. Some are very witty, and some are very wise. Onwards ! I will try to make a proper summary once we seem to have all the suggestions in.

Cheers Devilish folks ! I understand that “To know God, you must understand the Devil very well”!!

Dr. Brimstone