San Remo! Kerry, Irene, and Bri!


YES ! I can confirm that we will be headed to Sanremo for a special one-off performance. I’ve been working on an arrangement of a great old song, for Irene Fornaciari and Kerry to sing as a duet. And I may have to play guitar a little bit too ! It’s heavy ! And … different … and not, probably, what people would expect me to come up with. But it will rock !

Kerry and I have already tried it out in the studio, and we love it. And I’m hoping we can get together with Irene (and her Dad !) some time soon to get into the vibe together

Irene, I ought to explain, is the daughter of one of my greatest friends, Zucchero – and it was he who twisted my arm ! Ha ha ! How could I say no ?! The chance to enable the amazing Kerry and this excellent Italian songstress to join forces on a wonderful song ? The chance to make a new version to connect with the kids of 2012 ? The chance to play to our great Italian fans, be with dear old Italian friends, drink Italian wine, eat Italian food …. oh … I could go on !

So we shall be there. I think it will be fun !

Ciao ! (and love)