In reply to What Are We Doing In Space?


Replying to feedback in LETTERS:

This means a lot to me. You’re right to question my lack of balance in emphasis … overpopulation, of course, makes all our follies, which otherwise might be forgivable …. truly UNforgivable. It’s actually been quite hard for me to ‘come out’ on these matters. One feels the perception of one’s loyalty to the Astronomical community is at risk. And I did make this speech to an audience flushed with the opportunity to mix with the world’s great astronauts, and with those great men sitting in front of me in the first row!! I have to say they were all very complimentary and generous to me afterwards, and, as you perhaps saw, Neil Armstrong cited me in his final address. I think in all my life I have had fewer greater honours.

Of course I would not wish to deny Man the thrill of journeying into Space, but I’d certainly like to see us worthy of the responsibility before we venture forth en mass. As you say, the outlook is not encouraging.

There is a lot more I could say, but I’m pleased to have the positive feedback I’ve experienced so far, and especially for this endorsement.

Many thanks