Tony Iommi


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Hey Steve. Thanks for the good wishes, for me and for Tony.

What do Tony Iommi and Brian May do when they get together ? Well, really what we do is the ‘normal’ stuff which it’s often hard to do in what, to other people would be ‘normal’ circumstances. Mostly, for us, a visit to the pub becomes a signing session, a photographic session (everybody has a camera in their phone these days, and after a couple of drinks they get brave … ) and we become a kind of tourist attraction for the whole night. Which is OK now and again, if you’re in a relaxed mood, but I can promise you it’s not what you want to do every day, once it’s been 40 years or so that you’ve been some kind of ‘celeb’ (the word makes me shudder). So what we do is find somewhere fairly private, with people who are not surprised to see us, and then we get to do the normal stuff that everyone else takes for granted.

We eat, we drink, we talk, we listen to music … we laugh a lot (usually because Mr Iommi is winding me up, and after all these years I still don’t twig it !)

And we try to figure out what life is all about.

That’s it, really. I guess that is what friends are for.