How crap does this look … ?


Oh ! How crap does this look …


Of course, with this title [“Don’t Stop Me Now”], people are going to think it’s something to do with us (Queen).

But it’s not – not in any way. It sure looks like just another cheap way to humiliate people.

There’s yet another one coming up, called ‘The Voice’ where the judges sit with their backs to the ‘contestants’, who are actually fellow artists … and only turn around if they condescend to like what they hear. What a load of horse-poo.

I wonder how long audiences are going to put up with this awful low-grade ‘entertainment’ …

Perhaps we have learned nothing since the days of the throwing Christians to the Lions.

Well, if you ever see ME sitting on a panel, acting like I think I’m God Almighty, and making demeaning remarks about fellow musicians, you have my permission to shoot me. With a rubber tommy water gun.