Letter to The Times


As a responsible human being I was shocked and disgusted to see the Times offer such a blatantly biased report on the continuing battle to end the unnecessary torture of animals in the name of Scientific and Medical research, and testing items like cosmetics. Yes, the efforts of thousands of concerned people has resulted in the blocking of routes of transportation into Britain of animals for research. And so it should. We have no control whatsoever on the conditions in which these animals are bred. And there is every reason to believe that this is a necessary step in our progress towards becoming a society which treats animals decently.

The Times printed a front page story – Animal Blockage ‘Hits’ Research [14032012 p1], followed by a double page spread on the ‘story’ inside [p12 and 13] and a completely biased editorial comment [p2]. How dare you, the Times, a paper which used to be an example to the world of fair reporting, print 4 pages which constitute a blatant attempt to manipulate public opinion against animal welfare advances, without a single word of the alternative view, the informed view, – without the slightest attempt to present a balanced account – without a mention of the fact that an exactly similar attitude was responsible for the birth of crippled babies due to the licensing of the drug Thalidomide, which had been validated by animal testing – one of the most tragic medical and political decisions of recent times.

How dare you perpetuate the fallacy that only experiments on animals can bring us the cures for human ailments we seek? Everywhere in Universities and organisations like the Hadwen Trust, advances are being made which prove conclusively that ALL medical research can now be done without the use of live animals. The Times owes us all an apology for acceding to the evil powers that want us to continue torturing animals for reasons that simply are no longer good enough.

The suffering must end.

Brian May – the Save-Me Campaign.

P2 – Editorial

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