Don’t Stop Me Now


Don’t Stop Me Now – Brian Morua. Stop ! Queenofiles ! This is worth one minute of your time !

I’ve been fascinated by this version of DSMN. It’s a lot more than just a cover. It’s as if this guy is painting with the colours we created – puts me in mind of Queen II – and applying them to a much later song. It actually gives me chills. Wildly beautiful Queenly vocal harmonies AND guitar harmonies – some chords that we wouldn’t have thought of (!) – and a truly great quality in the lead vocal. It adds up to an arrangement that is NEW and strangely mesmerising to me.

Respects !!! OK !

It took me ages to capture this, to bootleg it, makes it just OVER 1 minute long rather than just under… Great STEREO sound. To me this is the greatest kind of tribute – and I’m sure Freddie would be very chuffed too … Check it out !!!