Rare time to see Planets


Look in the sky in the West just after Sunset for the next few days … it’s a great sight!

Captured here by my pal Jamie Cooper tonight [07 March} … Jupiter, Venus – both brilliant … and the elusive little planet Mercury – but you’ll have to find a really good horizon to catch him!

I actually just managed to see Mercury from my roof in London tonight … but I have seldom been so lucky. Strange, because we spent the day discussing the progress of our forthcoming movie about a Mercurial person today. It was … stressful! But stimulating!

Planets - by Jamie Cooper

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If you look over to the other side of the sky at the same time, you will see not only the big old Moon rising …. but also the planet Mars, looking like avery red, steady bright star. And later on, towards morning, Saturn rises. So it’s a pretty good time to get acquainted with our Solar System. There are some pretty good iPhone and iPad apps out there to help you find these wonderful things … Star Walk is nice … and Pocket Universe is very deep indeed. It’s easier than you think!



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